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We CNC machine a wide range of mediums from GRP, Carbon Fibre, Polyurethane Foam, Epoxy Foam, Aluminium, Brass, Cast iron and Steels. Our quality of work and levels of service are first-class.

Inspection & Digitising

As part of further expansion, we have invested in a 3.6 metre Cimcore arm along with Delcams power inspect software. This has allowed us to add a digitising service along with the inspection,. With this equipment we can take 3D geometry points shapes and contours to generate a 3D cad file to which we can re-engineer the component as well as inspect the item.


We are able to do basic fabrication, cosmetic tool repairs or alterations with TIG or MIG welding.

3D Scanning

This is a new service we have invested in which works in conjuction with the machining, we can scan the item, model the cad, machine, then produce the part from a multiple of mediums for GRP production masters, or a pattern to produce castings also low volume part machining.

3D Printing

Recently we have invested in a small 3D printer which can be used for lots of applications for example small intricate models or scale models, from this you can have a better understanding what the full size part may look like as sometimes the cad file may not tell the full story.

Pattern Making

All patterns are CNC machined for increased accuracy and faster lead times. Patterns for foundry industry to include turbine casings, hydraulic bodies, rotary pump turbines and also wave and wind generation.

Vacuum Forming/Pressure Forming

Over the years we have often worked on vacuum forming and pressure forming tooling.

Model Making

As part of patternmaking and CNC machining, we are often asked to produce scale models, these range from submarines, ships, statues and helicopters.

We work with many leading engineering companies and have a reputation for providing innovative solutions. We could work with you too.