Precision Engineering
We've been offering cutting-edge patternmaking solutions for over 30 years – there's no substitute for experience

AE Forrest combines traditional pattern making with the latest technology which enables us to produce work of exceptional quality at very competitive prices

With over 30 years of experience, the family run company based in Lanarkshire Scotland, have delivered a range of patternmaking and moulding services to clients throughout the UK and Europe.

AE Forrest have a dedicated workforce with a range of precision engineering solutions and services of the highest quality. Pattern making, mould making and model making are all highly skilled forms of art which can be produced whether its working with handmade or machine patterns, manufactured in forms of wood, resin, carbon fibre or metal.

Traditional Patternmaking is a highly skilled art. With over 40 years of experience working in all aspects of pattern making, mould making and model making, we consider ourselves to be real experts in the field, whether it’s working with hand made or machine made patterns, we can manufacture in wood, resin, carbon fibre or metal.

Our Services include:
• GRP Mouldings and GRP Mould & Masters
• Fibreglass Moulders & Fabricators
• Bespoke Fibreglass Mouldings
• CNC Machining, Aluminium Machining, Cast Iron Machining and Plastic Machining
• CNC Milling
• Tool making
• Vacuum Forming Tooling
• Anatomical Recreation

From concept to completion, we utilise both traditional and computer-aided design techniques to produce projects to a very high quality. To improve productivity and capability, we have invested in 3D scanning technology and recently larger CNC machinery.

If you have a project you would like to discuss contact us or call us on 01698 861928 and speak to one of our experienced engineers.

Our Lanarkshire facility produces work for clients all over the UK from a wide range of industries including:

Highly Experienced

Our highly skilled staff have experience of industry and will quickly understand your expectations
Quick Turnarounds

AE Forrest have the manpower, the equipment and a proven track record to turn jobs around on time and of a high standard

Innovative Solutions

Combining the CAD latest technology and a fine eye for detail allows us to flourish our ideas

Excellent Value

AE Forrest can offer cost effective solutions

AE Forrest work with many leading engineering companies with a reputation for providing innovative solutions. Let us help you too.